Welcome to Mandarin Pie Food & Travel Blog !

My name is Amanda hence the play on words with my blog titled “manda” rin pie. I am a food & travel blogger (from Adelaide, South Australia) since March 2012

It all started after I spent 6 months travelling the world (Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, Europe, USA, Mexico). My exposure to amazing dining , markets & travel experiences has left me with years and years of inspiration to cook & write. I also have an kooky imagination therefore always concocting innovative ideas involving food & cooking.

So after I returned to Australia after travelling I decided to try every single restaurant on Gouger Street (Adelaide). To document my restaurant reviews I decided to start a blog and that is where my idea really started. My website/ blog is based around both food & travel (not always both at the same time) but I love to incorporate my travel experiences wherever possible

I run my blog because I love experimenting, documenting and sharing my ideas & travel stories. It is a non profit site.


My Favourite cuisines?

Italian (particularly Tuscan), Mexican & French.

My Favourite Travel Destinations?

Tuscany, Rome, Paris, Mexico, Tokyo, Seville, New York

My Top 5 Favourite Foods?

Cheese, pizza, tacos, duck confit, beans