Only 1 Hour from Adelaide City Centre is Hentley Farm.

The 8 Course discovery menu is more than just that; also included is several elegant appetizers, some additional desserts/post dinner refreshments & the option to relax in the cellar door (set in a country farm house) for wine tasting and toasted pistachios in front of an open fire before or after the dining experience.

To get an idea of what you may be up for below are some photos, dish headings & a brief review of each.

Certainly not recommended for kids or those who are fussy with ingredients. To be honest; I rarely like seafood and I found myself LOVING the raw fish dishes so keep an open mind before advising the staff of food “preferences” which I understand they do cater for.

With the wine pairing the cost was $265 per person . They are very accommodating as they also offer a “half” serve of the wines for those who plan not to drink as much.













  • Eaten with chopsticks; tender & raw slices of King George Whiting with a tangy yet mild horseradish coating. 
  • For the wine pairing was the 2016 Rose.











  • Hearty well toasted almonds and crisp little boats of raddichio and lettuce. 
  • The jersey cream was light and tasty with a semi sweet honey drizzle to dip away at












  • The base of these tarts were amazing; very light, crisp “rye” with a gooey salty cheese and skinless heirloom tomatoes. 
  • This was of of my favourite dishes









  • The Potato flavoured crisps were topped with a raw tuna, some intense flavoured capsicums,mustard and soursob leaf
  • You could taste every element of this appetiser. Very surprised at how much flavour a potato cracker could have











  • Quinoa crackers, perfect quail egg half, curry leaf and mild hints of preserved lemon
  • Like all dishes so far nothing was overpowering or out of place. 













  • The wow factor kept presenting itself with a pot being opening; smoky steam spilling out everywhere and a bed of oysters inside












  • What looked like little witchity grubs turned out to be large pieces of puffed rice. This dish really started off the 8 courses well. 
  • The kingfish (even though raw) was cured in the dressing. Very tasty











  • A yellow beetroot was the main feature of this dish; very earthy with some mild salmon roe & a crisp topping of buckwheat.
  • An elegant dish with perfect texture











  • Amazing presentation. The quail was so tender, tasty and a tad sticky with the sauce








  • I don’t even eat tuna and this dish was my favourite. Served with a side of creamy textured chicken parfait and hidden under a lettuce leaf with flecks of cured egg yolk. 
  • Such an interesting dish that worked really well









  • I wish there was a photo of the succulent kangaroo that was under the mildly bitter radicchio. The blue cheese sauce was beautiful and creamy 










  • Tasty and tangy creamy sweet yoghurt with hints of passionfruit throughout. 








  • The rosemary icecream was a highlight; so creamy yet light on a bed of tangy rhubarb, strawberry and crispy milo flavoured chips, flakes and crumbles 







  • A modest poppy seed scroll that you can rip and tear off (a shared dish) alongside a brown apple ice cream (made from red apples due to their sweetness)








  • Mini puffy buns with what tasted like an apricot or peach jam inside








  • An amazing presented tree branch with little treat toothpicks. The Popsicle were little cold ice creams (incredible) and the wine marshmallow very interesting.
  • The mint tea on the side was beautiful! Very fresh and a great end to the meal