Yes; chestnuts are in season; a great time to get involved with chestnuts and learn of their deliciousness, heartiness and versatility.

There are many techniques on how to cook chestnuts (in the oven, boiled etc) however I reckon the weber method is the best as the strong heat makes the shell easy to remove and the charcoal cooking gives the nuts a beautiful flavour. 



  • Low in Calories & Fat
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Gluten free (even try using chestnut flour in lieu of normal flour)
  • Great for digestion

 How To: Roast Chestnuts (on the weber)

  1. Place some charcoal on top of kindling in a weber 
  2. Light the kindling and await till all kindling has burnt away and the charcoal is glowing (approx. 10-15 mins)
  3. In the meantime using a sharp piece make a criss cross shape on the face of each chestnut ensuring not to slice too deep
  4. Place chestnuts on a suitable baking tray and place on weber for 20 mins










5. After 20 minutes of cooking (lid off) you will notice the chestnuts will open up (as below). 










6. Remove chestnuts straight from tray onto a clean tea towel 

7. Wrap loosely and with lightly hit top of towel with a mallet in order to further loosen the shells

8. The chestnuts should now easily “pop” out of their shells (if they are stuck to the shell it is likely they are overcooked / if they do not open easily it is likely they are undercooked)

9. Remove all from the shells









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