A rotating carousel bar, succulent chicken rotating in a giant rotisserie, giant gingerbread heart necklaces, litre steins of beer served with cheese & radish platters, ferris wheels, rides, cocktail bars, and even stunt motorbike shows.

Food, Drink & Fun ! Check out the highlights….

Carousel Bar

There are numerous Carousel Bars scattered around the Oktoberfest Grounds. A great alternative if you feel like chilling outside in the sun and out of the larger beer tents. The bar rotates slowly and, unlike the larger beer tents, there is no requirements to be seated for drink service.










Roast Pork Roll

Many food trucks at the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich sell these tasty rolls. Beautiful juicy pork with some kraut. “Do you want some crunchy too?” says the lady in the truck. “Crunchy” is the pork crackle and is highly recommended. 

Check out my recipe for pork rolls here







Roast Chicken

There is no roast chicken in the world better than the Oktoberfest Chicken. Stuffed with plenty of butter and parsley it rotates on these giant rotisserie machines. The shop will cut it up for you to consume (plenty of serviettes needed for this) Delish !

PS: Gewurzhaus sell a delicious spice rub which is absolute CLOSEST replication of the Oktoberfest chicken flavour I have been able to find. Located in Strand Arcade Sydney but also available online












ummmm….. didn’t try it but WOW ! Don’t see that everyday…










Gingerbread Heart Necklaces

Every girl has to have one:) Choose your colour, size and words. Hang around your neck and nibble all day (or keep as a souvenir) 









Tent Hop

I don’t like giving up a good seat when I get one; however tent hopping can be fun. Break up the sitting/drinking time with rides & fun in the sun










Food Platters

Food, food and more food. Soak up all those litres of beer whilst nibbling away at cheese, dips, meats and more.

Some great German grazing platter ideas can be found here









Pork & Potato Dumpling

A classic and a must try. Succulent pork with a crisp crackling, sticky brown gravy and a moist potato dumpling. Check out my German Roast Pork Knuckle recipe here 











Tent Atmosphere

Singing, Table dancing, Giant platters of cheese and radish









You MUST try the Erdäpfelkas on Rye (recipe here). Some locals explained the recipe to me. It is simply a mashed potato dip smothered on a piece of rye bread and doused with salt and pepper. The more salt and pepper the better (they insisted)