A  lot of my recipes are inspired from travel. Dishes and ingredients I’ve eaten  & discovered overseas form most of my love for food and trying / creating new recipes. Spending 6 months travelling through Asia, Europe & Mexico I still have ideas & inspiration for dishes I have not yet tried to recreate. I have listed some below with pictures. In the near future I will recreate these and add recipes.

“4 Corner Entree” – Paris

at Antoine Westermanns Druoant in Paris I was served 4 different dishes all incorporated together as an entree. It was shared between 2 people because of the size and each dish absolutely had to compliment one another. 











“2 portion entree” – Venice

Just perfect when you can’t decide what to have for entree. Why not have 2 things? This entree was amazing – separated by some balsamic glaze with beef carpaccio on one side and a different dish on the other (I cannot remember what it was)










Prawn Skewers – Prague

Not a typically Czech dish; these prawns were actually from a Chinese restaurant. Mainly I love the presentation of whole prawns on a sizzle plate. The prawms also had a crisp lemongrass coating.








Dumplings – Hong Kong

The perfect dumplings (one in chilli sauce) can be found even in a simple food court in Hong Kong. My mission is to recreate the perfect dumpling one day










Greek Salad Pizza – LA

Not a difficult dish but it did stick in my memory. Basically a lamb pizza but topped with a diced fresh greek salad (tomato, feta, cucumber, onion, olive) and tzatziki









Mushroom Truffle Ravioli – Paris (click for recipe)

Mini Ravioli with crouton, shaved truffle and a soupy sauce that is poured over the top just prior to serving. A very elegant entree










Ribbolita with shaved black truffle – Florence

A thick hearty bean and bread  soup with shaved truffle on top. 










Frittata & Olive “pappadum” – Rome

Just a complimentary plate at a rooftop bar. Dried olives in a pappadum style bread! This was amazing and have never had such an interesting style of bread










Stuffed Rabbit – Tuscany

Stuffed with vegetables and rolled with a light jus and side of salad. The rabbit was tender &elegant