Pickles out of a barrel, roast pork rolls, pretzels, wursts, kransky hotdogs, cheese plates, succulent roast chicken, pork knuckle, crackling. All washed down with an amazing assortment of bubbly cold German beer.  For me Oktoberfest has to be the equivalent of Disnleyland for Adults: “the happiest place on Earth”

The extravagant event made me realise how the German cuisine is consumed at festive events and has inspired me to cook more German fare for / instead of the standard BBQ or party food. You can really go either way whether it be platters of “help yourself” dishes, casual hotdogs or more of a sit down affair with an assortment of side dishes

Below are some of my favourite  recipe/ideas inspired by the fabulous Oktoberfest. Click on the links for recipe.

 PRETZELS: Homemade Soft Chewy Pretzels and / or Pretzel Sandwiches

Pretzels are a beers best friend. They will line the stomach ready for the long day/night ahead. Check out my recipes for pretzel sandwiches (pictured below right) which are great for picnics also


Erdäpfelkas on Rye: Potato Dip with Radish

After making friends with some local bavarians at Oktoberfest  they invited my group to a table they had reserved in a wine tent. They introduced me to erdapfelkas which is a creamy potato dip. They smother it on a piece of rye bread and douse it with plenty of salt & pepper. Best eaten with some fresh crunchy radish



A Full German BBQ Buffet

Go German for your next BBQ. Click above link for a whole list of suggestions and recipes for a scrumptious German feast: Wursts, cheeses, cold meats & dips




Schweinshaxe – German Roasted Pork Knuckle

 One of my fav German dishes. A slow cooked succulent pork knuckle with crisp crackling, gravy and potato dumpling. Sauerkraut as a side dish is a MUST.