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Bretzel Buns

These pretzel (bretzel) buns are great on a cheese board. Click here for some dip and cheese ideas and inspiration such as the below tasty ...
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Oktoberfest; the happiest place on Earth

A rotating carousel bar, succulent chicken rotating in a giant rotisserie, giant gingerbread heart necklaces, litre steins of beer served with ...
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German Pork Buns

A great one to soak up the alcohol at a festive day at Oktoberfest. And even better with some crunchy pork crackle inside. The pork rolls at ...
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Bratkartoffeln Potatoes

German style fried potatoes with bacon and onion. Gewurzhaus online store sell a delicious Bratkartoffeln spice seasoning (see ingredients ...
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German Beer Brownie

There seems something very German about adding beer to food. In fact; you should try my “Karroten in Bier” (carrots cooked in beer) ...
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German HandKase Cheese (2 ways)

Hand cheese (HandKase) is a semi pungent hand crafted German Cheese. As it often comes in a pack of 4 (available at Say Cheese in the Adelaide ...
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Red Cabbage, Apple & Juniper Berry Kraut

There are so many health benefits of a "kraut". I won't bore you with the details (there is a small chart below from and plenty of ...
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Rustic German Apple Gingerbread Cake

Whole Mini apples in a rustic gingerbread spiced cake. Gewurzhaus sell this amazing gingerbread spice mix (pictured below) and I highly recommend ...
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Mandarin Pie – Oktoberfest in March

I'm starting my own cult! Oktoberfest in March (much like Christmas in July) is simply a great excuse to indulge in some succulent German ...
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Ham & Chicken Picnic Terrine

Finishing off your leftover Christmas ham can be arduous. Try out my new recipe for a tasty Ham & chicken terrine. The best news is that you ...
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